Speaking is one of the important skills that we need to enhance when learning the English language. Most of us non-native speakers tried to find different ways on how to achieve some improvements.

As we all know, there are various ways on how to enhance the said skill and one of those is through the use of pictures. Maybe some of you will say that describing a picture is just a piece of cake. Yes, it is! However, there’s a way on how to describe it coherently that will make you sound like a pro speaker.

In this kind of practice, you’re going to focus more on your pronunciation, intonation and stress, grammar, vocabulary, and cohesion. Just remember that you have to describe the picture as much detail as you can. Here are the following guidelines that we can follow:





1.General Description 一般的な概要

In this part, the information that you’ll give must answer the following questions;

Who is/are in the picture? What is/are he/she/ they doing? Where is/are he/she/ they?



2.Going into Details 詳細に入る

In doing the next part, you can divide the picture into two parts horizontal or vertical form. You can also divide it into four corners by putting both horizontal and vertical lines. Since we need to give the details in this part, we can use locator words, modifiers, and prepositions in describing it.

Locator words- On the upper right/left corner On the lower right/left corner On the right/left side On the upper/lower part In the center Modifiers – Adjectives, Adverbs Prepositions- in,on,by,etc.



3. Give your opinion 自分の意見をいう

In the last part, just give your opinion on what do you feel about the photo. You can make a story out of the picture or an experience that is related to the picture given.Now let’s try to apply these guidelines in describing the picture below.



There are two women in the picture. Someone is taking a photo of them with that beautiful view from behind, and it seems like they’re on top of the mountain. In the center of the picture, you can see two ladies who are standing and are very close to each other while looking at the camera with their beautiful smiles. The two are wearing a white t-shirt and shorts, and the woman on the left is holding a cap.

Their background is a breathtaking view of nature where you can see the blue sea, clouds, and green grasses and trees. Possibly they’re close friends who went to a hike, and it seems like the weather is fine. By looking at the picture, I can remember the good old days with my friend who’s been very close to me for a long time, but we parted ways because she needed to work abroad. I do hope that we can see each other again and take some pictures together just like how this picture has shown.




So grab a picture now and start improving your speaking skill by describing it and try to use the guidelines given. You can record your voice and can also use a timer for you to check your answers after. If I can do it, you can do it too!




英語初心者の場合、There are two girls.二人の女の子がいます。They are in the mountain.山にいます。They are smiling.笑っています。と文章が短くなりがちです。



Why did they stay in the mountain?

Because they were tired of COVID19, so they went to the mountain to relax and avoid  the 3Cs.
(3Cs=3密:密閉Closed spaces, 密集crowded places, 密接close contact setting.)




* Collaborative editing by CEGA’s staff and teacher Shaina