Baguio City is called the “Summer Capital of the Philippines”. A large number of tourists tend to go there to escape the peak of heat between March and May. The names and designs of most landmarks in this city may sound western. This is because it was established as an American Hill Station around the 1900’s.


There is no direct flight from Cebu to Baguio, one can get there by taking a flight to Manila and take a bus in Cubao terminal. The fare costs around 560 php to 750 php depending on the kind of bus. The travel time is around 6 hours.

Baguio has a lot of things to offer and I have just enumerated a few of them.


バギオ にはたくさんの紹介できる場所があります。本記事ではそれらをいくつか紹介します。

1. 50’s Diner

This restaurant gives off the ambience that we see in the old Hollywood movies like Grease, Pulp Fiction and so on. Their portions are big and the prices are affordable ranging from 100-300 php. This is a great place to satisfy your hunger.


Location: Porta Vaga Mall, 105 Session Rd, Baguio, 2600 Benguet

2. Café by the Ruins

People often go to Baguio with family, friends or with a special someone. If you are looking for a dreamy and romantic location, this is the spot for you. They have a wide selection of mostly Filipino dishes and bread. The price range may set you back around 300-500 php for each dish.


Location: 25 Shuntug Rd, Baguio, Benguet

3. Botanical Garden

This area serves as a haven for people who have grown tired from the hustle and bustle of the urban life. There are several gardens where you can get enough peace and quiet. If you get hungry, there are numerous eateries inside to choose from, as well. You can also request to take photos with the Igorots (mountain tribe people) for a minimal fee of around 20php per photo.


Location: 37 Leonard Wood Rd, Baguio, 2600 Benguet

4. Mines View Park

This park has an assortment of things that people can enjoy. You can take a couple of photos with a large and friendly St. Bernard dog.

You can also try on the traditional Ifugao outfit while you are enjoying the picturesque sunrise or sunset at the Observation Deck. All these exciting activities may just cost you around 10php to 20php each.


Location: Northeast side of Baguio City

5. The Mansion

Known as the official summer palace of the Philippines, The Mansion has become one of the popular destinations tourists love to go. Of course, there are some places which are restricted but visitors are free to roam around. The vast and exuberant foliage of the garden and the sight of the magnificent gate can drive all your stress away.


Location: Leonard Wood Road

6. Burnham Park

This park has a man-made lake which they call “Burnham Lagoon”. We can rent a boat and row it around for a fee of around 100 php per hour. This place is abundant with flowers, pine trees, picnic areas and so on. You can bring your bike or just walk around to enjoy the city’s fresh air. There are also several souvenir stores where you can find great deals!


Location: Jose Abad Santos Drive

7. Hatch Café

For some of those who may not enjoy the crowd in the city center or for those who try to explore spots which are different from the usual tourist landmarks, there is a coffee shop which is located in a quieter section of Baguio City. Hatch Café can be your haven when you need to take a breather from your difficult English exams or other worries. The cozy ambience, great food and amazing coffee will surely make your trip an enjoyable one.


Location: 135 Easter Road corner Road 1 Manzanillo 2600 Baguio City, Philippines

8. Souvenirs お土産

In the Filipino culture, we have a “pasalubong” culture wherein we buy things for family and friends back at home. The city has an abundance of them. Chocolate crinkles, strawberries, ube jam and lengua de gato are only some of the few delights that will give your loved ones a taste of your Baguio vacation.




There are a lot of things in Baguio City which are in stark contrast to the tropical vibes that the Cebu islands offer. If you want to experience how relaxing it is in the Philippine mountains, you must visit this place. The scenery is breathtaking, the people are friendly, the dishes are mouthwatering, the climate is comforting and there are so many corners of this place which are worth exploring.



*Collaborative editing by CEGA’s staff and teacher Rhoda