One way to learn and remember vocabulary is through word association. This is a method in which students must think of related words or concepts that show the relationship or connection between the words.

This is especially helpful during speaking tests when students are asked to talk about certain topics that are unfamiliar and they find it difficult to start their responses.

Associating words to the target topic or situation will give them direction or a focal point which will get them talking about one idea to another.




For example, when talking about the pressing issues that are currently dominating global events today, one can either choose the pandemic or the Olympics.

Since the pandemic is already the most widely talked topic since its onset, let’s focus on the Olympics.

When this major sporting event is the topic for conversation, it pays to learn words or phrases associated to this athletic competition.




When referring to the people involve 関係者を示す時

delegation 代表団

A group of people who act as representatives or delegates.


Ex: Each country’s delegation is composed of the athletes and the coaching staff. The delegates marched behind their country’s flag during the opening ceremony.

例: 各国の代表団は、選手とコーチ等のスタッフで構成されています。開会式の間、代表団は自国の旗の後ろを行進しました。

Olympian オリンピアン

A participant in the Olympic Games.


Ex: Michael Phelps is the most successful Olympian of all times, amassing 28 medals in total.

例: マイケルフェルプスは史上最も成功したオリンピック選手であり、合計28個のメダルを獲得しています。

spectator 観客

A person who looks on or watches an event.


Ex: No spectators are allowed in the sporting venues for the Tokyo 2021 Olympics.

例: 2021年東京オリンピックの競技場への観客の立ち入りは禁止されています。

underdog 弱いチーム・人

The person or team considered to be the weakest and the least likely to win.


Ex: A surprising turn of event in any competition is when the underdog team steals the victory from the leading team.

例: どんな大会でも驚く事は、弱小チームが強豪チームから勝利を奪うことです。

committee 委員会

A small group of people chosen to represent a larger organization and make decisions or collect information.


Ex: The International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the National Government set the guidelines that are to be implemented during the games.

例: 国際オリンピック委員会(IOC)、東京都、政府は、大会中に実施されるガイドラインを設けました。

volunteer ボランティア

A person who does something, especially helping other people, willingly and without being forced or paid to do it.


Ex: The volunteers, ranging from university students to retirees, are a rich part of the O

lympic tradition, serving as translators, guides, paramedics and cleaners.

例: 大学生から高齢者まで幅広い年齢のボランティアは、オリンピックの伝統の良い部分であり、翻訳、ガイド、救急医療、掃除等の役割を果たしています。

When mentioning places 場所について

venue 会場

The place where a public event or meeting happens ( e.g. stadium or arena)


Ex: Yokohama baseball stadium is the main venue for the Olympics baseball matches.

例: 横浜スタジアムは、オリンピックでの野球のメイン会場です。

facility 施設

A place, especially including buildings, where a particular activity happens.


Ex: An enormous two-story dining hall, a gym and a photo room are some of the facilities available at the Tokyo Olympic Village.

例: 選手村では、2階建ての大きな食堂、ジム、写真スタジオなどの施設が利用できます。

host 主催者

A place or organization that provides the space and other necessary things for a special event.


Ex: France will be the next Summer Olympics host.

例: フランスは次の夏季オリンピックの開催国になります。

Olympic Village 選手村

An accommodation complex in the host city where the Olympic delegations are housed.


Ex: The Tokyo Olympic Village is situated in Harumi Waterfront District. 

例: 東京オリンピックの選手村は晴海ウォーターフロント地区にあります。

When discussing results or outcomes 結果や成績について話し合うとき

victory 勝利

An occasion when you win a game, competition, election, war, etc. or the fact that you have won


Ex: Everyone celebrated the hard earned victory of the Taekwondo team.

例: 誰もがテコンドーチームが苦労して獲得した勝利を祝いました。

defeat 敗北

The fact of losing against someone in a fight or competition, or when someone or something is made to fail.


Ex: Even in defeat, the athletes showed strength of character.

例: 敗北しても選手たちは個々の強さを見せつけた。

draw 引き分け

A situation in which each team in a game has equal points and neither side wins.


Ex: The much anticipated soccer match resulted in a draw.

例: 待望のサッカーの試合は引き分けになりました。

tie 同率

To finish at the same time or score the same number of points as someone in a competition.


Ex: Finishing at exactly the same time, the two skiers are tied for the 1st place.

例: 2人のスキーヤーは同率1位でまったく同時にゴールしました。

qualifying games/rounds 予選ゲーム・ラウンド

A contest, competition, etc. played in order to decide which person or team will progress to the final stages; preliminary.


Ex: The qualifying games are very crucial for the teams to advance in the competition.

例: 予選はチームが大会で勝ち進むためには非常に重要な試合です。

Disqualify 失格

To stop someone from being in a competition or doing something because they are unsuitable or they have done something wrong.


Ex. Any sort of cheating will automatically disqualify an athlete or team.

例: あらゆる種類の不正行為は、アスリートまたはチームを自動的に失格にします。

tally 集計

A record or count of a number of things


Ex. Sporting fans are closely monitoring their countries’ medal tally.

例: スポーツファンは自国のメダルの集計を注意深く見ています。

standing 地位

Reputation, rank, or position in an area of activity, system, or organization.


Ex:  The teams standing will be displayed on a large LCD screen during the competition.

例: 競技中、チームの順位は大きな液晶画面に表示されます。

bag 得る(動詞)

To win something, especially a prize.


Ex: The first time Olympian bagged the coveted gold medal.

例: オリンピック選手が切望していた金メダルを初めて獲得した。

winning steak 連勝

A period of time when you win a lot of games, races, or competitions.


Ex: For the past three Olympic Games, the women’s gymnastics team has enjoyed a winning streak.

例: 過去3回のオリンピックで女子体操チームは連勝を楽しんでいます。


Word association will not only boost vocabulary, it will reinforce and solidify understanding of the word or concept. 

Learning vocabulary should not be tedious. Rather, it should be fun, practical or relevant to facilitate retention. 










Collaborative editing by CEGA’s staff and teacher Bing.