This is the one of the happiest event in your life so to help you coming up with your  brighter ideas or plans on your wedding day I hope this will help you.

Things nowadays maybe difficult but getting married with the right person will always find its way, so as the saying goes if there’s a will there’s a way!

So if you wanted to get married make sure to consider some of the things I wanted to share from you. Remember there is NO perfect wedding but there is always a Happy and satisfied couple on their wedding day.

この記事は、あなたの人生で最も幸せなイベントの 1 つである結婚式に、素晴らしいアイデアやプランを立てるのに役立つことを願っています。



13 tips with useful idioms about wedding

1. better half / Mr. Right よき配偶者・伴侶

Ex. First and for all Choose wisely your better half to be. He may not be your Mr. Right/Ms. Right or your ideal type.
例. まず第一に、あなたのよき配偶者を選んでください。彼はあなたの伴侶もしくは理想のタイプではないかもしれません。

2. the one 運命の人

Ex. But he is the imperfectly perfect “the one” that would stay in your life forever.
例. でも完璧じゃなくてもあなたにとっては一生をともにする運命の人です。

3. kneel down on his knees プロポーズする

Ex. It’s not just about your heart but choosing the right person who would kneel down on his knees  is all about right timing.
例. あなたの気持ちだけではなく、あなたにプロポーズしてくれる人を選ぶのには適切なタイミングがあります。

4. A penny served is a penny earned 塵も積もれば山となる

So make sure to spend the right amount of money on your wedding day .

Money is important when you plan, if you stick on it you might lessened your expenses and you can check out the prices that may be cheaper but the quality is great. In addition, If your good at negotiations well, that’s a great advantage!



Ex. A penny served is a penny earned
例. 塵も積もれば山となります

5. feel cold feet! 怖気づく

Most likely 6months to 1 year preparation is good enough for planning, for the 6months to be exact it was my top priority, remember you will get married for once. 


Ex. Don’t feel cold feet! Be a hands on BRIDE to be !
例. 不安にならないで!結婚しよう!

6. One’s big day 結婚式 

Get the important documents first like the marriage license and others. Some of the documents have expirations.


Ex. Make sure to choose the best day cause it’s your big day!
例. 結婚式には必ずベストな日を選んでください!

7.Go the extra mile 一層努力する

Please attend the seminars with your spouse. It may be boring it but it all depends on the speaker but this will open up your mind and prepared your relationship to the next level as husband and wife.

The seminars are very interesting time you can spend with your husband.



Ex. To be as well as you can go the extra mile.
例. 同様にさらにお互いより努力することができます。

8.Great minds think alike 同じ考え

Please try to choose top 3 wedding suppliers.

To avoid fighting, Couple should think wisely who they will choose from not just for a great result but trusted people to handle the wedding.

Packages may be good if you are a busy type of person it’s hassle free but if you are in details bride to be or like me a very picky type of person you better choose the best supplier in your wedding accordingly.




Ex. Great minds think alike!
例. 私も同じ考えです!

10. the icing on the cake 更なる喜び

Make sure to talk with your wedding suppliers especially the coordinators, videographers, photographers, host and others so that you can share what you want to be achieved on your wedding day especially the DO’s and DON’TS but  please  be open minded on any suggestions.

These are the teams behind the BIG DAY ever!



Ex. I’m sure you will  be happy on the outcome cause it will be the icing on the cake!
例. 結果に満足することを確信しています。それはこの上ない喜びとなります!

11. Without a doubt 間違いない

Choosing the right ring to both of you is really great you will have time to discuss about the design, price as well as if it fits to both of you.

And to be honest , there are many rings which are ON SALE nowadays due to pandemic in some well- known classy jewelry shop better go and haggle for more.


正直なところ、パンデミックのために有名な高級ジュエリー ショップで多くの指輪がセールで売られていますが、更に値引き交渉をしたほうがよいでしょう。

Ex. Without a doubt, choose your wedding rings by yourself!
例. 絶対に、自分で結婚指輪を選びましょう!

12. keep something under one’s hat 秘密にしておく

Go back to your chosen wedding gown boutique and do the final fitting. They will surely help you the best way on how be more comfortable in walking the aisle wearing your dream wedding gown.


Ex. But take note keep something under your hat so that on the day of your wedding everyone will be surprised and amazed by you.
例. でも結婚式当日、誰もがあなたに驚くように秘密にしておくことを覚えておいてください。

13. Be on top of the world 最高の気分

Enjoy your wedding day, leave all your worries and stress!!!!


Ex. Be on top of the world! 
例. 最高の気分です!


I hope this would be useful for those who are planning to get married, it may not be perfect but atleast it can lessened your burden in planning your best day ever wedding day.

Good luck and hope you can first have the tip number 1. Remember there is no perfect wedding but you can be imperfectly perfect on the day of your wedding with the right person you have chosen to have the imperfectly perfect journey of life.



最初にあなたのbetter halfを手に入れることができることを願っています。頑張ってください!完璧な結婚式はありませんが、完璧じゃなくても最良の人生を送るために選んだ人と、結婚式の日に一緒になることができます。



*Collaborative editing by CEGA’s staff and teacher Elmarie


On behalf of all the staff and students, I’d like to say to you.
Elmarie and Sao, Congratulations on your wedding! I wish you a happy life together!