Are you looking for a perfect opportunity to speak in public? Well, this blog will make you realize what the real purpose of CEGA’s graduation speech is, why it is important and most especially how to make one! I believe you can do it! Let’s kick it!


What is a speech? /スピーチとは?

It is a spoken communication delivered to the audience. It’s used to THANK someone, giving INFORMATION, or INSPIRING people. You can give a speech in some special events such us wedding, graduation, formal parties, campaign and the like.


Why do teachers encourage students to make a speech? /なぜ講師は生徒にスピーチをすることを推奨するのか?

It is the best opportunity for the students to speak in public and apply all the skills they acquire during their studies.

Yes, it is normal to feel a little nervous but don’t let your fear eats you. Break out of your shell! We encourage students to have speech because it is a huge stepping stone in learning the language.

Speech is a kind of public speaking and if you continue to engage yourself with it, you will:

• build more confidence. • talk for yourself. • motivate other people. • develop vocabulary and fluency in speaking • be fearless about impromptu speaking • be more sociable




・自信が持てる ・自分自身のことを知れる ・他人のモチベーションを上げられる ・ボキャブラリーやスピーキング力が上がる ・公共の場で話すときの恐怖がなくなる ・社交的になれる

How to make a speech / どうやってスピーチを作るのか

We are all craving for skills and knowledge. This time, I want you to imagine a burger and I am going to give you the basic speech format which consist 3 parts and let’s do it the burger way.

1. Introduction – You can have here the greetings, a little about yourself, reasons why you are here and a glimpse of what you are going to talk about.

2. Body – You can input your experiences, memorable events, something you learned or even extending gratitude if that is the main target of the speech.

3. Conclusion – you should leave a mark in this part. Something that the audience will remember.


1. イントロダクション: 自己紹介をし、なぜ自分がこの場所にいて何を話すのかを語ります。

2. ボディー: 自分の経験を語る。思い出のイベントや、学んだこと、それがスピーチの主な対象である場合、感謝を伝えます。

3. 結果: ここでは一番大切な言葉を残す必要があります。聞き手の記憶に残るような言葉を。

Tips / 秘訣

1. Know your audience – you should know who will listen to you.

2. Make it short BUT remarkable – No one would like sitting and listening to someone mumbling words for a long time. Talk briefly but make sure the audience will remember it.

3. Be yourself – be true on whatever you wanted to say because it will make you more genuine and more natural.

4. Be prepared and excited – you can attract good energy from your audience if you are prepared and excited of what you are talking about.

5. Wear your SMILE – this is the best accessory you could ever wear when you are speaking in public. It will make you look confident and appealing to the audience.

1. 聞き手のことを知る: 誰があなたのスピーチを聞くのかを知るべきです。

2. 簡潔に、でも記憶に残るようなスピーチ: だれも、つぶやくだけのようなスピーチを好みません。簡潔かつ、聞き手にメッセージが残ることが大切です。

3. 自分自身でいること: 自分が話したいことを素直に話すこと。

4. 準備してエキサイティングでいること: 良い準備ができていてエキサイティングなスピーチであれば聞き手から良いエネルギーを引きつけることができます。

5. 笑顔でいること: 笑顔は公共の場で話すときの1番のアクセサリーです。笑顔はあなた自身を自信で満ち溢れているように見せ、魅力的に見せます。







* Collaborative editing by CEGA’s staff and teacher Michell